Yep, the "stereo mix" problem

Hey everyone:)

I have been using audacity for years, and am very familiar with it and how to record sounds coming from within the computer.

The issue is, I just purchased an Alienware x51 r2 desktop 2 days ago and am having issues I just cannot figure out. I activated “stereo mix” in my recording options. Here is a screenshot of it here: .With stereo mix enabled, sound plays fine, but audacity only gives a flat line and will not record it. Here, also is a screenshot of how my audacity is currently set up: . It will not record anything from the computer with these settings as they are. Under device manager, this is the soundcards I have listed

I am on Windows 7 and using Audacity 2.0.4. The ONLY thing I can think of, and forgive me if this is something obvious, because I am not the greatest with wires lol :stuck_out_tongue: I have this stereo system for my computer hooked up: BUT, my friend needed computer speakers a while ago and I let her borrow two of the 4 smaller speakers you see there. The two she borrowed was the front left and rear right speakes, so obviously they aren’t plugged in, but everything else is.

Can anyone offer me any suggestions? Thank you so very much ahead of time:)

Only one piece missing in all that. What are you trying to record? Stereo-Mix only works with shows going through the soundcard. USB Microphones or other USB equipment (for example) don’t go through the soundcard.


Oh yea that would be a good thing to tell you LOL! I am trying to record sounds from within my computer. Not me on microphone or anything . Like for example, a you tube video. Thanks again in advance:)