Yellow guideline inconsistent, sometimes works, sometimes not

A few versions ago, the very helpful yellow arrow that let you precisely sync up a track’s placement in relation to its neighboring tracks disappeared. With the latest version, I can see and use the yellow guide by using the arrow key on my MacBook Air but only sometimes. Sometimes It works fine if I’m in upper track (meaning further up on the page) and want to track down to that same spot further down the page) and sometimes not. Same with moving upwards through the tracks. I find that guideline so helpful and used to using it a lot. Any advice? Thank you!

May be related to this issue logged on Muse’s GitHub isue tracket
Cursor snap points are weird and random, can’t precisely select most regions #3680


I don’t know if this will help, but if you set the cursor on a specific track, you may be able to extend it upwards or downwards by using Shift-Up or Shift-Down.