Yelling is Wanted, How to Make It?

I have a simple waveform made up of a sentence of 4 English words, without inflection (original source is a Text to Speech system). I want the sentence to sound like an exclamation. What kind of workflow or combination of filters should I use to make it sound like the sentence is “yelling”?


This won’t be perfect, but try [u]Amplify[/u], and allow clipping. Maybe start with +6dB and repeat if it’s not loud/harsh enough.

And to make sure it clips (distorts), run the [u]Limiter[/u] set to Hard Clip at 0dB after amplification.

I don’t think there is likely to be any satisfactory substitute for actually yelling. One thing that SciFi films get right is that computers are not good at expressing themselves emotionally :wink:

A possibly better way to get distortion in Audacity 2.1.3 is to use the Distortion effect:

I was going to say. This might be the place for Limiter’s oddball distortion.

It is rough to do acting in post production processing. You also have to do inflective pitch change. Nobody yells in a monotone.


Thanks all for the ideas. I have had no success getting this to sound like “yelling”. I don’t know how to quantify/qualify the definition of “yelling”, but I know it when I hear it. :smiley: It’s like I need to amplify just parts of the word, or something. I’ll look at this a little while longer, but now think I just have to come up with a way for the original stuff to be “yelled”…


That’s acting and there is no acting filter.