.xml file edit


I inadvertently edited the tag.xml file when trying to make a custom metadata template. At this time, whenever I load any of the three .xml “tag” files (3 total, 1 default, the tag.xml, and 2 custom) the fields in the metadata table populate with information from the edited “tag.xml” file. How do I correct my error please? I am using Windows 7 and my Audacity version is 2.1.2

Thank you

How do you “inadvertently” edit a file?

As (I assume) you are not very familiar with XML, it’s probably easiest to just delete the files and export new ones from the Metadata Editor.

How do you “inadvertently” edit a file? I was not paying attention to the file name, made and saved changes to the tag.xml file instead of another xml file. I am unfamiliar with .xml files, but the new file I created produced the results that I wanted. I thought the tag.xml file was an original Audacity file. I corrected my error, thank you.

Oops. Yes I’ve done that sort of thing myself :blush:

Cool. What was the problem? Mismatched tags?

Yes, that was the problem. Despite selection and loading of a custom “tag.xml” file, each time I attempted to export a mp3 file, the metadata editor loaded the tag information from the mistakenly edited xml file. Before I received your assistance, I believed I cleared the individual tag fields in the edited xml. file, and re-saved it as a the default. it appeared to work, but if I have problems I will resort to your suggestion. Thank you