XLR to 1/8" converters

I am also having problems hearing playback. I have an xlr → 1/8" into the mic from line out on ampeg. 1/8" stereo cable from headphones → Aux Input on ampeg. Please help. All i hear is a very very faint clicking noise.

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XLR connections are rarely compatible with 1/8" connections. It’s not just a difference of socket size, they are wired differently and frequently the signal level is incompatible.
“Line level” signals are hugely bigger signals than “mic” signals. A line level output should not be plugged directly into a microphone input and a microphone should never be directly plugged into a line level input.

ok. So i ended up ordering an adapter to convert the xlr / 3.5mm cable to usb. its a neat lil piece of technology. I can control the signal overall by using the volume control on the adapter, and by using the master volume on my amp. I will keep y’all informed as to how well this endeavor goes.