XENYX X2222USB Board with Audacity no Click Track

This seems so crazy and probably has more to do with the computer settings then the mixer, but when I am in Audacity and try to generate a click track, the levels move at the top of the screen showing that it is being generated but there is no sound coming from my laptop speakers? Ultimately, I have my drum kit miced through the board and I want to play and record with a click track playing. I have tried to generate the click track in Audacity and play it through the board and the headphone I have plugged in, but I can not hear the click track through the board. I called Behringer and they told me to switch computers so I did. A brand new HP high end laptop. I installed Audacity and without the board plugged in I can’t get audio from the click track on the lap top. If I can’t get audio from the laptop how would I expect to get it through the board and ultimately through my headphones while I play the drums? What am I missing here. It seems so simple, but yet so complicated. Any and all comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Bob Hathaway :confused:

Are you able to play anything on Audacity (and hear it)?