Xenyx Hissing

Hey guys, I have searched the internet for my SPECIFIC problem, and have yet to find anything that helps me. I am trying to figure out whats up with my Xenyx 802 analog mixer. Even when there is nothing else plugged into the mixer other than my headphones there is a hiss. When using a mic, raising the volume or gain higher than just over halfway makes the hiss unbearable. I did try a couple different plugs (2 different power strips, and a wall outlet) but I am a little limited as I am in a college suite. I am able to reduce the hiss somewhat with the EQ, but I want to know if the hiss is caused by something I am doing wrong, if it is normal for every single Xenyx, or if it is a problem with my specific mixer and I need to get it replaced. (I hope not, I got it from Amazon and that’s gonna be a giant pain.)
Thanks guys.

All mixers produce some hiss, but it should be at a very low level compared with the audio signal.

The first thing to do is to try and locate where the hiss is coming from.
Turn down all of the input levels (both the “level” and the “trim” knobs)
Turn down the “Phones” and the “Main”.
Leave the Eq controls at zero (12 O’Clock positions".

Plug in your headphones and there should be silence. Is it silent?

To continue testing you will need a good reliable signal source that you know is OK. Do you have a CD player with a Line-out connection that you could use?
If so, connect the Line out from the CD player to the CD/Tape input on the mixer. Push in the “CD/Tape to Ctrl” button and then gradually turn up the “Phones/Ctrl Room” level until you can hear the CD at a good level.
What is the sound quality like?
How much noise is there in the “silence” between tracks?

I can easily answer the first test. With my headphones in and all the levels down all the way there is complete silence.
I am not easily able to test the cd/tape in atm, but I will say that the hiss is loudest from the first two channels. These are the 2 that have both XLR and 1/4" inputs. I can easily deal with the hiss from the other channels, but the hiss on the first two, even when there is nothing plugged in, is rather annoying. Maybe the hiss is normal for the Xenyx mixers, but I am a little annoyed with the amount from the first 2 channels. I will keep messing around.

What sort of microphone are you using? Which socket(s) are you using on the Xenyx?

Microphone inputs are the most quiet connected to a microphone they are expecting. Impedance match, thermal noise currents, etc. etc are all their lowest. If you have a microphone amplifier with no microphone, it will generate significant noise. That’s why it’s important to keep loafing microphone amplifiers turned down or off.

Do you have 150 ohm “professional” microphone? Look at the instruction sheet that came with the microphone. “Low Impedance” is good. It doesn’t have to actually say 150 or 250.

Xenix mixers are reported to be reasonably good, but only in the higher versions. I can well imagine their tiny one or two input mixer may not have quite as good specifications because that one’s intended for the casual, non-critical home recordist.