Why exactly cant audacity be compiled for x64?

It can. I regularly build 64-bit Audacity.
What’s your real question? Is it, “Why isn’t there a 64-bit release for Windows?” or something else?

So far I am unable to, I just assumed because I cant find any x64 builds with google.
So if it CAN be built for x64 then why has it not been released?

The 64-bit Mac build is available via the Audacity website: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/mac/
64-bit Linux builds are available from several package maintainers, for example, 64-bit Audacity for Ubuntu 18.04 is here: https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/audacity

Currently, Audacity makes one Windows release build, and that is 32-bit. Some work would need to be done with the compile scripts to create a 64-bit Windows build. Currently there is no pressing need for a 64-bit Windows build as the 32-bit build works on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems (and uses less RAM than a 64-bit build), unlike mac OS, for which there was a pressing need to go 64-bit. So Mac builds were made 64-bit first, and 64-bit Windows builds will be released in due course.

Note: I set my OS to windows when signing up.

I need 64bit because I keep hitting the 32bit memory limit, what needs to be dont exactly to the project/source to make it 64bit capable?
I get errors such as “incomplete type not allowed”, “object of abstract class type “Track” is not allowed” and “expression must be a pointer to a complete object type”.

I set my OS to Linux when I signed up, and I build on all three supported platforms. I’m guessing that you mean that you’re only interested in Windows, but I’m only guessing because we only know what you tell us.

Which 32-bit memory limit?

Those are the kind of problems that need to be worked out so that Audacity will build as 64-bit.

When the process reaches about 1GB I get an unhandled exception message.

What process?
If you are referring to Nyquist, then I can’t guarantee that a 64-bit build will solve the problem. Nyquist is essentially a 32-bit library written in C, with 64-bit “compatibility” added. There will probably be some 32-bit limitations, even with a 64-bit Audacity build.

There’s an unofficial (and unsupported by us) 64-bit fork of Audacity here: https://github.com/henricj/audacity

Your branch prediction must be malfunctioning, I’m talking about the audacity process on windows while loading tracks or processing large tracks.
Anyway, thanks for the fork.

Hi everyone,

I have not tried (yet, but eager to) to compile this version of audacity on my Windows machine to get a super cool 64-bit version of audacity.
But I was just wondering… is there anything we can do to migrate it to 64-bit as a definitive process?

Is it possible to assist in the migration to a newer version of WxWidgets? Of GTK? Is any of these in the roadmap? How can we help?
Can we help with code or with money? Do we have any Patreon or place to donate to the project?

Sorry for so many questions.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Hi Victor. 64-bit builds for Windows are currently being tested. I mostly use Linux, so I’ve not been following this closely, but I’m under the impression that 64-bit Windows builds are likely to become available in the release after next. There are not many benefits from 64-bit builds, other than support for 64-bit plug-ins. The downside to a 64-bit build (at present) is that any 32-bit plug-ins that you currently have, will no longer work (I don’t know if this can be fixed).

If you can build Audacity from the source code, then it is already possible to build as a 64-bit app, though I don’t think there are any instructions yet for 64-bit builds.

Hi steve, thank you for your answer.

I have both Mac and Windows and got really excited when I realized that we already have a 64 bit version for the mac OS. I was just trying to understand my way around compiling Audacity to the Win on the 64 bit as well. I realized that there is this repository where it seems that we have a 64 bit compatible version of audacity https://github.com/henricj/audacity. I will try that in a bit.

Having a 64 bit version of audacity would enable it to be used even more professionally and extensively as it would make better use of large files and large compositions in general.

Right now I am still getting my feet wet and checking what are the things I can contribute to the project.


How big do you want to go? We’ve seen people doing 12 hour recordings with the 32-bit build.
Audacity doesn’t use large files in projects - the data is stored in lots of little files (typically around 1MB each). Audacity only uses really big files when importing / exporting (and note that normal WAV files have a 32-bit header which limits them to 4 GB).

Contributions are very welcome. We only have a very small team that do all of the development, testing, support and documentation. A good place to start is to become thoroughly familiar with using Audacity. Answering a few questions on the forum is a great way to develop your Audacity skills - especially the “how do I do …” type questions.