wxwidgets (windows)

Using Windows 7 and MSVC 2008, I tried to follow all the steps in the file ‘compile.txt’ :
step 1 : downloaded wxwigets 2.8.12 to D:wxwidgets-2.8.12
step 2 : built wxwidgets, I got a number of .lib in vc_lib and a number of .dll and .lib in vc_dll
step 3 : downloaded Audacity
step 4 : set WXWIN as D:wxwidgets-2.8.12 in the control panel, and re-boot.
step 5 : no option
step 6 : when building audacity.sln, the compiler does not find the wx/*.h files
Thank you if you can help me.

Yes, compilation works, sorry for my post.
My environment variable was ill-written :blush: