wxWidgets 3.1.0 builds cleanly on OSX 10.11.4 & 10.11.sdk

OSX 10.11.4 + 10.11.sdk

Just out of interest - wxWidgets builds from the download from wxWidgets cleanly, hardly any warnings and no errors.

I’m running on OSX 10.11.4, with the 10.11.sdk - current as of about a week.

wxWidgets success
samples success
demos success

I will install Visual Studio Community 2015 and use that to see how it goes on Windows 10 as well. I have 2013, but it’s getting a little dated I feel.

However, it’s the OSX version I’m interested in, With that in place I can begin work on Audacity. Over time.

Thanks for the updates.

To be clear, VS2015 is not supported. There is at least one snprintf issue you will have to work around https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/one-error-when-compiling-audacity-2-1-2-on-win-7-pro-64/42024/4 Feel free to let us know how you get on though.

Also as Leland explained, if you are thinking of contributing to Audacity, bear in mind your code will not be accepted unless proved to work with the OS X SDK’s that we officially require. Similarly it must work with VS2013 (until we officially update to another version).


That’s cool.
I’m only investigating Visual on Windows at present. Just to see how it all hangs together. I’ve got 2010’ 2013, and 2014 which is actually 2015!!! Or the other way around. Gotta love it…
I much prefer OSX. But horses for courses. I’ll use what ever gets the job done.
and yes, I understand about code contributions etc. Thanks.


FYI: Update for Windows 10 and VS2015
Success: building wxWidgets 3.1.0

Windows 10 x64
wxWidgets 3.1.0 + VS2015 with all options installed.

IDE Method
build wx_vc14.sln - Release - x64
================ Build: 24 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped =============

So wxWidgets have separate 32- and 64-bit configurations now?

I assume Audacity won’t recognise the 64-bit widgets build?


Yep. 32 and 64 - and yes, Audacity doesn’t want to know about the x64

sprintf bit was easily fixable …
And building with VS2015/14 at the moment, Audacity is falling over lots and lots of this …

error C2039: ‘max’ : is not a member of ‘std’
error C2873: ‘max’ : symbol cannot be used in a using-declaration

Have you checked if is included in the places where this occurs?

There are hundreds of such messages - I could send you the VS2015 log if you like, but …

Here;s a short one off section. No idea yet what you mean by

>c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio 14.0\vc\include\cstdint(30): error C2039: 'uint_fast16_t': is not a member of '`global namespace''
14>e:\audacity\lib-src\twolame\libtwolame\get_set.c(283): warning C4244: 'return': conversion from 'double' to 'float', possible loss of data
13>              _Pr=std::less<int>,
6>c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio 14.0\vc\include\cstdint(30): error C2873: 'uint_fast16_t': symbol cannot be used in a using-declaration

actually, here’s the log. Do with it as you will :slight_smile:
VS2015-BuildLog.zip (25.4 KB)