I have Audacity 2.03 and Windows XP. Audacity worked OK until I did the following:
I had recorded 2 songs from Youtube without any problem. I then did File/Export Multiple and
then by error before doing this, I did not grey the entire wave form and Normalize but instead returned the
wave form to the beginnng and did Control + B to name the first song which created the
following problem which would not rectify itself when Audacity was exited and the computer
shut off and restarted. I should add that after recording the songs, I edited them for preparation for export to Windows Media without any problems.
The following was the result:

  • Horizontal blue lines a few milimeters thick appeared at the top and bottom of each wave form
  • The wave forms were then divided with two dark grey horizontal lines at the top and bottom, both the same thickness and using about half of the wave form. It is the normal grey
    colour for shading.
  • Sandwiched in between these blue and dark grey lines is the normal colour.

The normal colour can not be made to shade grey so fading in and fading out is not possible.
Recording new songs is erratic. The wave form and sound on occasion will simply stop and
after a few seconds will start again. This can repeat and repeat. Using Undo was of no help.
Simply put, in this state, Audacity cannot be used
What can I do to return Audacity to normal ?

Press F1 on your keyboard to go back to Selection Tool. You may have hit D or A on their own which cycles through the different tools.

This does not affect recording. For that problem, open the Transport menu and make sure “Sound Activated Recording” is unchecked (if it is checked, click it to uncheck it).

If that is not the problem, try rebooting the computer.


Thank you Gale for the response
The problem was corrected by starting with a blank Audacity screen ie. without waveform and
pressing F1 on the keyboard and then rebooting the computer

What is the procedure/code to install Audacity 2.04 over my existing 2.03 version ?
Is it correct to assume that the existing Lame and FFmppeg programs are not affected ?
Thank you again

You can install 2.0.4 over the top of 2.0.3 - and no need to upgrade LAME or FFmpeg. Please see: Audacity Manual .