Wrong input device list - sound broken?

I am using Ubuntu Studio 12.04 LTS and audacity from the standard repository.

I am struggling to get my new E-MU 1212 Audigity 2 sound card to play some sound.
In this process I apparently have made some mistake, since the Audacity recording device list it 2 km long, and contains every sub-sub device shown in alsamixer for the E-MU card. Things like dsp 0, dsp1, adat … and not the normal device list. And of course, nothing works.

The strange thing is that everything looks normal for “aplay -l” and “aplay -L”, so this is specific for Audacity.

What could have happened?

(And do I need to add that I have not yet gotten any sound out of my E-MU 1212?)

You need to fix that first. Don’t bother trying to get Audacity working until your sound card is working properly as you are unlikely to have any success, just waste a lot of time, effort and frustration.

Do you have alsa-firmware installed?
Try checking the Ubuntu forum for suggestions of how to get the E-MU 1212 running properly (From what I’ve seen on Google this card is “sort of” supported by ALSA but is not straightforward).