Write project to network drive

I have problem writing project to network drive. It is mapped drive and it is password protected like logged user (windows domain).
When i export part of project as mp3 file to that drive, it was created properly. But when i try save as a project i have error saying that drive is not for writing or disk is full (140GB free).
Someone had the same problem? Or someone know how to resolve it?

I have problem writing project to network drive.

I so wouldn’t do that. Audacity doesn’t get along with network-connected drives.

Save the Project to a local drive, zip the components into an “archive,” and move that.

Also, if you have a super important show, save it as a Lossless Project instead of a regular one. Those have better disaster recovery.

Audacity Project format is going to change shortly. We thought 2.4.2 was going to be the hero version, but apparently, it’s the next one.