Wow thing

Hello everyone,

This is my last question of a series of 3.

I was on windows before, and would use this super great compressor called the wow thing. It would compress the sound that would be too high, but would also boost those frequencies that are too low. I would look the .dll three times, wich gave me the sound I like to hear. Its pretty old, got this in the year 2000 or just about. I use the old winamp 2.95, I like old stuff, they work fine. So wine runs everything. Theres only one little problem. Every 30-40 seconds, theres a blank. Thats really anoying. I cant afford to record this type of crap. Im maybe convinced that this isnt really a linux software, or maybe the caching isnt that great with winamp. Its just that the compressor is a .dll I copied three times in the folder and looped with a DSP stacker. I really need this effect to the files I play. Is there anything that can help me get this job done without those blanks in the playing of the file on the system? Mayne I should install Ubuntu studio with a better kernel? I know nothing of compiling kernels. I leave that to the smart people. I’m just an idiot. I know what I want, dont know how to get there, need smart people to help me.

Thanks again everyone, I know you’re all great. The best. :wink: