Would like to have some latency between recording/playing

Hi all,
First, please be kind enough to apologize my bad english, as i’m French and it’s not my mother tongue :wink:
I’ve configured Audacity in order to hear in my earphones when there’s some noise on the mic.
But, i would like to delay the hearing of .5 to 1 second.

It’s exactly the contrary of most people who are complaining of having some lag between mic and earphone, in my case i DO want this lag !

How can i do this ?
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Machine latency is not adjustable. The delay between sound arriving at the microphone and the sound leaving the headphones is the processing time inside the computer.

Audacity doesn’t do any effects in real time. Audacity Latency adjustment has to do with matching new musical notes with old notes in overdubbing/sound-on-sound. It’s more of a drive management tool than anything else.

I had to do something like this for a conferencing service at work. The IT people installed a much more complex and expensive sound program whose demo mode had a delay tool. That’s how we got around it.


What are you trying to do - delay an audio stream that is before a video stream? If so, does this help: http://www.daansystems.com/radiodelay/ ?

Alternatively you could encode a video - that should hold software playthrough up a bit. :wink:


Many thanks for your replies.
Gale Andrews, your software does exactly what i need.
It would be perfect if i could only keep low frequencies, do you know if an equalizer could work together with the software ?
Have a nice day !

It isn’t my software, nor is it made by Audacity.

Audacity doesn’t run any effects in real time.

If you want to EQ the delayed audio while it’s playing, you’ll probably have to use the Equalizer in your built-in sound card. Look in the Windows control panel for that .

You could also record the delayed audio by recording computer playback in Audacity, then apply Equalization to the recording. See: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/tutorial_recording_computer_playback_on_windows.html .