Working with two separate mono tracks on a stereo track.

I have Audacity 2.3.3 on Windows 10
My question: I want to take an existing mono tracks and put
it on to the right of a stereo track and put another mono
track on the left of the stereo track. These tracks have been
previously recorded. Can this be done?
Purpose: I make artsy fartsy projects and the one I am
working on now requires one track for spoken audio and a
second track for tones which will be used to trigger
certain electronic functions. Mixing is not an option
because I need a separate audio line to the tone detector.
Cinnamon Hill Art

Yes just get the two tracks on on top of the other - the use the context menu from the top track (click on the track name in the Track Control Panel at the left of the track).

Then choose Make Stereo Track



Thanks, I will try that.