Working with scripting--pipe issues

I’m trying to experiment with the scripting module, preferably in Python. I managed to do a basic chirp effect while messing around, but then stopped being able to open the After some more messing around, I managed to delete the pipes hoping I could recreate them. The scripting wiki page says that the pipes not being deleted when Audacity exits is a bug. I would assume this means they are supposed to be, so deleting them is okay. But restarting Audacity doesn’t recreate them; I can’t figure out how to. Do I need to reinstall something to recreate them?

And once I manage that, any ideas on why I couldn’t open the to pipe? (The operation just blocked forever) Again, I did manage to do a basic chirp through Python, so it is possible.

I’m not sure if anyone on the Forum uses mod-script-pipe. I would suggest subscribing to audacity-devel and giving your feedback there.