Working with ac3 files...

The new version 3 working with ac3 files very slowly…
Extraction from video, amplyfy and save the ac3 file in about 20’…
Previous one version in 10’.

What’s up?

I just tested a one hour mono AC3 file and then tested imports on W10

2.4.2 6 seconds
3.0.0 5 seconds
3.0.2 RC02 5 seconds

So I measure AC3 import as 20% or so faster in 3.x versus 2.4.2


Then I just tested a one hour chirp and then tested exports on W10

2.4.2 15 seconds
3.0.0 15 seconds
3.0.2 RC02 15 seconds

So I measure AC3 export as the same in 3.x versus 2.4.2


I have no such files to test with.


Then I just tested a one hour chirp and then tested Amplify on W10

2.4.2 2 seconds
3.0.0 1 second
3.0.2 RC02 11 second

So I measure Amplify as fasterin 3.x versus 2.4.2



I can confirm 2.2.1 is about 2-3 times faster
importing ac3 5.1 audio from cartoon on HDD takes about 1minute on 2.2.1
and about 3minutes (SIC!) on 3.0

Is that with the same ac3 file in both cases? If so, what does this page say about the file: MediaInfoOnline - MediaInfo in your browser

ive used any random ac3 5.1 audio from a cartoon or movie, no matter what file it is, 2.2.1 still the fastest,
I didnt make session folder on my SSD because that would drain my ssd to no performance (SSD TBW maxed in one month)
so on my HDD its sloooow and with newer version even slower

is there any other option to import fater?

Perhaps you could extract the audio from the movie in a different format, such as WAV rather than AC3. A WAV file may import more quickly as it doesn’t need to be decoded (though there will be more data to read from disk).

tell me which bluray or dvd movie got WAV, cause I didnt hear about one