Working principle behind "Noise Reduction"

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I used the “Noise reduction” option to process the audio record to remove the ambient noise.
I am curious to know the working principle behind the operation? Is it similar to the filtering?

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There’s an article about the Noise Reduction algorithm on the Audacity wiki:

Note that this article is quite old, and is about an older version of the Noise Reduction effect, so some details may be slightly different, but the basic algorithm is the same.

Hi Steve, thanks for your answer.

an older version of the Noise Reduction effect

Are we talking about the same thing? The older version of Noise Reduction (Noise Removal) had significant problems with voice recording because it didn’t work during the actual words, just between words. It had the same problems that Noise Gate does. Hissy words between bouts of silence. Noise Reduction reduces noise everywhere and is easier to hide.