Working on multiple projects simultaneously


I’m currently recording and editing casette tapes to digital files at my workplace using a legacy version of Audacity. Installing updates to a network computer is a fairly arduous process, so I was hoping for some advice as to whether audacity 2.0.2 is right for my needs before running the update.

What I require is the ability to record files on one project, while editing a different project, and couldn’t find information about whether version 2.0.2 supports such a requirement. Does anybody know if that is possible on v2.0.2?

Thanks for helping!

Could you describe in what way you wish to use Audacity on a network computer. Writing audio data across a network in real time is very prone to drop-outs and other data errors.

I’m taking interviews recorded to casette in the 80’s (still working!) and creating digital files. However, the interviews require a considerable amount of editing both to improve audio quality and to remove irrelevant material. I don’t require audacity to be installed across the network (currently it exists only on one computer within the network), nor do I need the files to be accessible from more than one computer. But the computer does need to remain connected to the overall corporate network.

My hope however is that v2.0.2 will allow me to record interviews to one project, while editting another. Is that a possibility?

(Thanks for the help, and please ask for any further specifics you may require).

We use Audacity on all three platforms in a corporate, secure network environment. You can’t edit on the network, but the network does not prevent any of the tools from working.

Since Audacity does not speak multi-tasking and will not share play and record devices, chances of working two shows like that is slim. Let’s see what the other elves say. This may need a time zone shift. I’m in LA and many of the other elves are in Britain.


You can “edit” in one project while recording in another, but if you use playback (or record) in the project that you are working on then recording will stop in the other project. As I suspect you will need to be able to hear what you are editing, this is not going to work. Realistically you will need a separate machine to record on while you are editing projects.

It’s good thing.
But you should not switch from one project to another rapidly.

Thanks so much for clarifying everybody!