Working on multi-track recordings

I have one of those marvelous 4-tk capable handheld MTRs, GREAT for recording, but almost impossible to edit from the device, so I dump the files onto my computer to edit with Audacity. I didn’t find any post appropriate with the search box, but perhaps I’m not asking the question correctly.
Does anyone know how I can do the basic edits of multiple stereo tracks simultaneously as they get imported a two stereo tracks?

Collect all four tracks as mono and Import each of them into Audacity. They will stack one above the other and play at the same time. You can edit and mix however you want. Use Mute and Solo to listen to individual tracks and combinations.


Thanks very much, I thought of something similar (split to mono after import, rather than prior, as they’re saved as stereo), but I’ll try it both ways now that the time pressure has lessened a little.