Working in Audacity 2.05, but saves in 1.3.14

After saving a musical file i try to open it from my desktop after saving. the file opens in 1.3.14-Beta instead of 2.05. how can i fix this. is it a problem??

While you have Audacity open, Help > About Audacity.

Unless you need 1.3.14, it’s best to uninstall 1.3.14 to avoid confusion with 2.0.5 (or delete 1.3.14 if you did not install it).

If you uninstall or delete 1.3.14 then double-clicking the file you are trying to open may not open 2.0.5 and you may not be able to add 2.0.5 using “Open with” to add a permanent association. See for how to correct this.