Work flow and settings for compressing Wagner

I just installed 2.1.2 and have OS 10.12.2. All seems to work OK but, as a complete newbie, I need help with work flow and settings.

My project is to record Das Rheingold and compress it so that I can hear the first part in my car and go to the end without turning down the volume. I figure if I can get compression right on this one, that should do it for most music with high dynamic range. Do I compress the aiff file then convert to Apple Lossless or convert to ALAC then compress that? I’d like suggestions on good compressor settings so that I can avoid a lengthy trial and error experience.

As a general reference, neither my wife nor I can hear the first part on the highway at “normal” volume setting. Not worried about the high (11,000+) frequencies since I have normal hearing for a 69 year old.

I’ve heard it said that it’s a travesty to compress classical music, but if one can only hear forte and above while driving, that’s not dynamic either.


Tou need Chris’s (famous) compressor. He developed it so that he could listen toopera in his vehicle without having to constantly tweak the voloume knob.

See this page in the Audacity Manual:

Audacity does have its own compressor:
But I think you’ll find Chris’s suits your needs better.