words hidden in this wav?

I believe there are words hidden behind the beeps of the attached file (it’s for a game). I’ve provided a full version, and an isolated section where I hear words. However, I’m no audio expert so I may have only picked out some of the hidden words from the full mp3. I’m sure this is a snap for any audio experts here…

  1. am I wrong about there being words behind the beeps
  2. if I’m right, what do they say? and
  3. could you attach an isolated version?

Any help appreciated!

Could be Rorschach Audio, (a.k.a. auditory pareidolia), but it sounds to me like “the first member of the alpha beat”

I agree that there are some voice-like tones in the background, but I think they are due to certain resonances rather than actual human speech.

The tones in the foreground can be partially removed using notch filters, but the sweeping tones cannot be removed so readily.
If there is any real human voice mixed in, I think it is too indistinct to be positively identified as such.