Wont upload whole audio file

I have tried every single way that i know of to import my .wav file that is about 55 minutes long and no matter what i do it will only upload 29 minutes of my audio file.

How do you know that the file is 55 minutes long and not 29 minutes long?
Does the 29 minutes that imports, play correctly?
Where did this file come from?
Are you importing it from an external drive?

There is a WAV file size limit (2GB or 4GB).

How big is the file? A 55 min “CD quality” WAV would be OK, but a high resolution or multichannel file could exceed the limit.

If that’s the problem and you know the format details (bit-depth, sample rate, etc.) you can import the file as RAW data. (There will be a little glitch at the beginning where the WAV header gets read as audio, but you can trim that out.)

Then, you can export to a different format or at a lower resolution.