Won't Record

I have a Toshiba C855-S5350 and I record with a Xenyx USB mixer and a Behringer C 1 condenser.

I can hear my voice loud and clear through my headphones (and the mixer), but audacity isn’t picking anything up. It’s outputting fine, but it isn’t inputting right.
The mixer is connected using USB, and the mic is feeding into the mixer, not straight into the computer. I have the computer set so that this mic is the main recording device, and I have Stereo Mix enabled. Can someone please help? And yes, I have the newest Audacity.

Stereo Mix isn’t right. That’s for recording internet audio or other specialized events.

Connect the mixer and then restart Audacity. Click the Device Dropdown and see if you can find the mixer or USB Audio Device. That’s the one you should be using.



I disabled Stereo Mix, enabled the USB audio device, and it still won’t pick up

What do you have set as the recording input device in the Device Toolbar?
What other options are there?

I got my computer to register it, and it works perfectly in blank projects, but when i put a karaoke track in it to sing over I get a message saying “Error when opening sound device. Please check input device settings and the project sample rate.” I have no idea what the last part means.