Won't record. Settings appear correct

Hate to bring this out again as I know there have previous posts but I am still having trouble.
Audacity 2.1.1 just downloaded yesterday. Using Windows 7.Dynex Mic via a USB cable. Had the exe installer
Download was done after a factory setting restore that defaulted to Windows 7.
Set to MME, Correct Mic is in input field, I am playing guitar and singing(probably what is causing the problem.:slight_smile:
Any suggestions are appreciated

First, the best bad news. A Google search turns up pages of “I can’t get my new-dynex-usb-microphone to work.”
Followed by:

In the manual for this device it says it is not compatible with Windows 7. Which is probably why you can’t get the full features working.

If you plugged everything together in the wrong order, Audacity may not see the microphone. Restart Audacity and see if it appears in the input drop-down or Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices.

Another possibly problem is the microphone may not like “Stereo.” Set the preferences for Mono. I have one microphone that refuses to cross.


Koz, thanks! I had googled “audacity 2.1.1 wont record” but did not include the type of mic. Good call
Will try your suggestions. Might be looking at a Windows upgrade. Thanks again for responding.