Won't Record Second Track


I have no trouble recording (and playing back) a single track, but when trying to add a second track, I only hear 2 clicks, and nothing is recorded.
What makes this most baffling is the fact that I had no troubles 6 months ago. I believe I still have everything configured the same (but with Windows, who knows).

Windows 10, Audacity 2.1.2
Interface is Behringer UMC204HD

Update: I was trying to use the Behringer for both input and output so I could hear my guitar and recorded tracks in the headphones. If I change the output to the speakers, the recording works (yay!). Unfortunately, I have to set levels such that I hear the guitar in the headphones and the recorded tracks over the speakers.
I don’t remember this being the configuration 6 months ago, but I guess it was.

You’re intended to use the Behringer as playback. That’s the only way you can get zero latency monitoring—listening to yourself without delay or echo.

If you’re in Windows 10, try a cold shutdown. Hold Shift while you shut down Windows. Then start it normally. That should reset all the Windows services. It will take longer.

Then see if assigning the Benringer to playback works.


That’s what I thought!

Thanks Koz, it was worth a shot, but it still hangs when trying to record the 2nd track.