Won't record properly...

Bought a brand new Acer Aspire Win10/IntelCorei3/6GB RAM to replace 12 year old HP laptop with AMD Athlon processor. Downloaded V 2.3. I couldn’t record without getting the dropout notice and the track was slow and about a half step flat. Had to go back to the old HP with version 2.2.1 and all is well. Doesn’t make sense. Could be the 5400 rpm HDD…I don’t know.

Sending the Acer back for a refund.

“Brand new” computers generally come with Windows, requiring huge updates, and loads of crapware. If you want to retain Windows, it can take several days to remove the “trial” software, adware, adverts and other pups, and get the system up to date. Until the system is cleaned and fully updated, performance for “time critical” applications (such as recording) can be very badly affected.

Updating Windows may need to be done several times until there are no more updates, which can require rebooting many times.