won't export

I"m reading a book one chapter at a time.

I’ve already been through the 14 chapters twice. Each time saving AS so that I can keep my work. Then I listen to it again and make changes. When I’m satisfied for the time being I export the chapter on MP3. When I’m done I will put it on a flash drive.

On this pass I got to chapter 12, saved as and then tried to export. The metadata tab came up, everything looked right, I said go, it went, the load bar took its usual minute or so. But then when I looked at my documentation the last export I did of that chapter on June 23 was still there instead of July 1 as I expected.

Maybe I clicked something wrong. But I can’t find it.

When you were exporting, were you intending to overwrite a previous version of the MP3?
If so, did Audacity ask if you were sure that you wanted to overwrite, and did you click “yes”?

I’m thinking that you may have exported to a different folder, or with the wrong name by accident.

I"m reading a book one chapter at a time.

First book?

Did you pass either the Audacity or the ACX technical tests? It’s a New User mistake to read a whole book and only then stop and find if the quality is good enough. For many home readers it’s not and if you really got lucky, you have a non-fixable problem and have to start over.

Next time you sit in front of a microphone, burn a 10 second sound test and post it on the forum.


Don’t master or do anything to it. Read it, export it, cut it if needed, and post it. If you’re doing it in mono, one blue wave, you can go out to 20 seconds, so you don’t have to get crazy about the exact 10 second cutoff.