Won't export selection

So I just downloaded Audacity because I recorded a long performance on my phone and needed to break it up into the different pieces. I downloaded the Lame MP3 converter add-on and figured out how to work the export selection to save each piece and it all worked great… until it doesn’t anymore. Now suddenly I set my selection timeframe and hit export selection, and then it changes the timeframe to be the entire piece and refuses to just save the selection I want.

Any ideas on what’s going on? I’ve tried restarting the program, and restarting the computer. I could try to re-install it altogether, but it seems weird because it’s a “fresh install” right now and it was working fine. Is there some setting that I’m hitting or accidentally changed or something that would cause this?

I searched these forums but nothing under the search terms “export selection” seems to match what’s happening to me… If there is a previous post on here about it do let me know. Thanks!


Probably you are clicking in the grey background underneath the track or somewhere else. This deselects the track (look at the buff colour of the Track Control Panel to left of the waveform - if the track was selected the panel colour would be blue/grey). This means there is no selection in any track. If there is no selection, Audacity by default then selects all the audio.

If you inadvertently deselect the track, hit ENTER on your keyboard to reselect the track.


Thanks for the reply, that’s not it though… after puttimg in my timeframe I am just going straight to the menu to export. After I posted this, I closed the program and put the Mac to sleep. When I brought it up again it worked again for three more selection exports, then stopped. I followed your advice and made sure I wasn’t clicking in the wrong spot, but nothing. Trying again after sleeping the Mac didn’t work though. Restarting the computer didn’t work at first, but them randomly it did work, long enough to finish this project!

I am wondering if there is some bug or problem with other software that might be running… Hmmmm. I will have more of these projects, so it would be nice to figure this out… I’ll go ahead and try to reinstall it fresh again, but if there are any other suggestions please post them! Thanks!

Reinstalling almost never cures any problems. Try resetting the audacity.cfg settings file instead, as per this link:
http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/preferences.html#stored .

If this problem continues, could you perhaps capture a video of the problemn and post it somewhere such as youtube if you have an account.

Or send it to one of these:

then give us the web address to find it.


I am also having problems with the current Mac OS [ventura 13.5] version of Audacity, (3.4), on a powerbook.

The last upgrade removed the ability to add data to “export selective”, and in this upgrade there is no export selected.

I have taken a screen shot of what is possible in an export, and will try to load it in this message. [Which did not seem to work]

All I am offered is “export”. “Export other” is completely greyed out, and only offers “export labels” and “export midi”.

I am wondering if I should just downgrade to three versions earlier, which worked fabulously.


Do File (menu) Export Audio …
In the bottom third of the dialog, click the radio button for “Current selection”.