Won't export entire recording

Using Win XP. Not sure if I got Audacity through .exe or zip - don’t know what that means?!?

I recorded a cassette that has nine tracks. I believe I split and named them correctly. When I try to export the recording (WAV file) the program should open the metadata window nine times, recognizing each of the tracks and then export. When I try to export the recording it only opens the metadata window for tracks #1 and #2 then immediately starts to turn the file into a WAV file. Also when the metadata window opens it’s supposed to show all your pre named tracks one at a time. My metadata window only shows the track number. What the heck am I doing wrong?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated

Which Audacity do you have? I think in Windows it’s Help > About.

For your future reference it’s Help > About Audacity…

You are using Export Multiple and not just straight Export, right?


Well I got it figured out. I erased the recording and re-recorded it and this time it worked - go figure!