Wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a package to use to convert audio from a WMV file to WAV/MP3?

Much thanks in advance.

About 6 months ago I used a program called BonkEnc to re-encode all of my AAC files to MP3. There were about 1500 files and the program crashed 6 or 7 times, but it eventually got all the work done. There’s been two new versions since I used it, so hopefully it’s more stable now. The link is here:

However, BonkEnc doesn’t support WMA out of the box, but it can apparently be added:

I hope that works, I haven’t tried it out with WMAs.

I use “SUPER” which can convert most formats, including WMA
It’s a pain to download, and the user interface is a bit unusual, but it’s free and it works: http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html

Much thanks for such a quick response. However, I’m looking not for WMA to MP3, but rather WMV (video) to MP3 to take the audio from video files.

I’ve found Switch Audio File Conversion (http://www.nch.com.au/switch/index.html) which seems to be doing the trick and is actually free (they hope that you’ll upgrade to the pay Switch Plus software). As to WMA to MP3 - I’ll keep your recommendations in mind.


I’m sure you’ve solved your problem of extracting the audio from video files, but while I was looking for the solution to my problem, I found the info on a converter that does just what you need (I think).

ImTOO WMA MP3 Converter
ImTOO WMA MP3 Converter is a powerful easy-using audio Converter. It supports decoding audio formats like WAV, AU, AIFF, M4A, APE, CUE, CDA, OGG, AAC, MP2, VQF, FLAC and encoding them to MP3 or WMA. It can also extract audio from video file formats such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, ASF and MP4, etc.

The main features of ImTOO WMA MP3 Converter is:

  • Easier to use - The software has variable settings and properties that can be handled easily. It well serves both the beginners with the default settings and the experienced with the variable settings.
  • It supports ID3 tag - All ID3 tags in the original files will be reserved after the conversion.
  • Encoders/codes are built-in - The software integrates with all audio encoders/codes and users can convert all supported audio formats once download the program.
  • It supports batch conversion - The more files you convert the faster it works than other audio converters.
  • The user can choose output path - You are able to edit the output path or use the same one as the input path.
  • It offers excellent output quality and you will get any supported output formats with super image and luxuriant sound quality.

ImTOO Software Studio as the publisher gives excellent FREE after service to buyers and FREE technical support to all trial users. And all users’ emails will be replied within a business day except holidays or weekends! So powerful in function, so affordable in price, so easy in use, so fast in speed and so considerable in service! Why not have a free try by yourself?

download imtoo wma mp3 converter | order online ($19.00)

Or get “SUPER” for free and make an donation to open source software. :smiley:

Here’s what I do get mp3’s from other sources: wma, wmv, m4a, etc…

I just set my input to Stereo Mix, which records the audio that my computer is playing.
I then play the original file in its original player (or VLC - very useful!!) and let Audacity record the audio.
Once done recording the sound, I clean up the dead spots in the beginning and the end (as I record/play/stop play/stop recording) and export to mp3.

I’m sure it’s archaic, but it works for me. The quality is still pretty good, and you can always tweak how high of a quality you want Audacity to record with and use to export to mp3.

I’ve always had trouble with converters (the quality always got messy), and trial uses and all that stuff. I like my way, even if you do lose some quality in the end.

That will certainly work, but a decent transcoder should be able to do it quicker and better quality.
With VLC you can actually output to a file rather than through your soundcard (set this up using the “Wizard” - (VLC is not specifically designed for this, and stand-alone transcoders are probably more suitable, but it will work). This will do the conversion much quicker than “recording” it.

Super is free and not just a trial version.