With which effects can I make my audio file sound like this?

Hello everyone, so I purchased Blue Snowball iCE microphone some months back for recording narrations for my gaming analysis videos on YouTube. So I saw a ton of videos on YouTube which give tips on Audacity. I want my audio file to sound like this:
To my audio file, I first compress it, then add bass boost followed by treble boost, then do noise reduction. It sounds like this:
It sounds very sensitive, I want it to sound like the Super Bunnyhop video. What settings and effects should I apply? Thanks a lot :smiley:

To make the voice equalization on https://youtu.be/dFxQAazELjo sound like https://youtu.be/WKDhuFliFB8 apply this equalization curve
BunnyHop-ize equalization curve.png
BunnyHop.xml (27 KB)
BTW IMO you’re using too much noise reduction, (equalization will not rectify that, nor an echoy room).

Thanks a lot! Can you tell me what are the best noice reduction settings?

The default settings are a good place to start, and then try tweaking to see if you can improve.
The default settings are shown in the manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/noise_reduction.html

Note that Noise Reduction is very effective when applied to low level constant noise (such as low level hiss or hum), but is not able to deal with high levels of noise, or varying / intermittent sounds. Using the affect with “strong” settings to compensate for high levels of noise will produce noticeable unpleasant metallic bubbly type artefacts. For best results it is essential that you record in a silent environment so as to keep the background noise level in the recording as low as possible.