with this 2.2.2

my condenser mikes seem to run hotter and record at different levels than before, almost muddy if I don’t turn it down. do I need to reinstall drivers? window 10, recording thru audiobox usb, with high quality condenser mikes.

almost muddy if I don’t turn it down.

Overload is harsh, crunchy, crisp and crackly. So that’s not what you have. Do your drivers say Windows 10? It has to say “Windows 10” somewhere. Generic drivers may not work right.

Generally, simple recording or presenting doesn’t need drivers. You only need drivers if you’re trying to do some complex, unusual production or you somehow have a special interface. Sometimes there are drivers for multi-track.

You can get muddy if you’re going through Windows and you haven’t turned all the Windows voice services and special processing off.


And nobody wrote you can’t have special processing in your drivers, either.

What’s the microphone?