Wish to record speaker output, not microphone

Windows 7
Audacity 2.1.2 from .exe


I would like to make a recording from my regular speaker output, but the file is being created from my notebook microphone input. How can I change this?

Thank you for any information.



That’s the Audacity Manual entry for Windows self-recording.

If it doesn’t mention it, one of the problems you may have is the capture recording may depend on the speaker volume. Comfortable listening and good recording may not be the same setting.

I don’t know if that entry mentions Voicemeeter. That’s another way to do it.



Thank you, Koz. That helped.

I was able to install the “Stereo Mix” option, but it did not function as expected either.

However the settings shown in the attached photo, also from the tutorial, did work.

At first the sound quality was unusable, I believe this was due to the “file-won’t-start-recording-until-it-hears-sound” characteristic. I got around this by starting the recording file with any random sound input, then stopping that input- the new Audacity file continues recording even though there is now no sound- then starting up the sound I really want to record. That worked and the unusable quality issue was resolved by doing that.

Thanks again.