Wish-list on Compressed saving


I usually use the Compressed saving option; unfortunately, I just noticed that all my divisions within tracks disappear!!! They are very important for my music, and I guess they use very low memory to be stored: is it possible to preserve them, in the future version of the wonderful Audacity? :question:

Thank you!

The way that “Save a compressed copy” works, is that each track is rendered (effectively the same as exporting) as OGG files, and these OGG files then replace the normal audio data. As when exporting a track, the track data forms a single audio file.

One thing that you could do, is to label each of the audio clips before saving the compressed copy. Then when you reopen the project, you can split the track at the label positions (http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/edit_menu_labeled_audio.html#split)

So, if I understand right, my wish is not doable technically. Thanks, Steve!

Nothing is impossible, but it would require a substantial change to how compressed saving works. Rendering tracks is currently an all or nothing affair for tracks - either mix and render the entire track, or nothing - Audacity can’t render just part of a track, so that facility would need to be written before work could begin on rendering single clips when saving.

In my opinion, it would be ‘possible’, but would need to be part of a bigger reworking of how we save projects (a lossless compressed copy of the project might be another nice feature).

There are a number of related feature requests on the wiki here: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Feature_Requests#Improved_Resource_or_Project_Management
If you’d like to “vote” for any of these, just say which ones and I’ll be happy to add your vote(s).
If you think that none of these adequately covers your request, perhaps you could suggest some wording for the wiki.

I checked and did not find. I would suggest:

• Save project’s compressed copy

  1. Give the option to compress a project loss-lessly
  2. Give the possibility to save the divisions present inside each track (instead of merging them all during the compression process): indeed, track divisions are essential -e.g. for music composing- and -especially if you have many- labeling them all and restoring them later would be very time consuming!

Many thanks!

PS I just saw, in another section (Import/Export), one point I would like to vote: the OFR!

I’ve added your vote.

It would probably not be possible to build support for OptimFrog directly into Audacity because the OptimFrog license is not compatible with Audacity’s GPL v2 open source software license:

If there is a command line encoder available for OptimFrog, then it should be possible to export as OFR using Audacity’s “external program” export option:
“File menu > Save Other > Export Audio”, then select “(external program)” from the Save as type dropdown menu.

I’ve added a shorter version of those items and added your votes.

I’ll also move this topic to the “Adding Features” section of the forum in case anyone else wants to vote or comment.

I would like to upvote the option of a lossless compression, please.

Vote added.