Wish List - GUI designer module

A module that enables the creation of more versatile GUIs for Nyquist plug-ins.

Ideally the module would enable the creation of interfaces with additional widgets, including:
Horizontal sliders,
Vertical sliders,
Rotary controls,
Text input (single or multiple line),
Check boxes,
Drop down menus.

The module would allow the placement of each widget to be defined on a GUI matrix.
Ideally, the designed GUIs could use custom backgrounds and buttons using GIF or PNG images.

The GUI could be contained in a folder, and called into use by the Nyquist plug-in code.

The advantage (and possibly “only” real advantage) of rotary controls is that they take up less space than sliders, which is useful for effects that have a lot of parameters.

If check boxes are included, it would not be that hard to also include radio buttons.