Windows/Yamaha thr30/Audacity

Using Windows 10 and a Yamaha thr30, audacity sees the THR 30 (the USB capable amplifier), but, when attempting to record, audacity produces the error 9996 -invalid device. The host is set for Windows WASAPI, the Microphone is THR 30 wireless, the sample rate is 44100, and the playback speakers are the Realtek audio speakers on the laptop.
When a guitar is played through the Yamaha thr 30 which is wired to the laptop using a tested and validated USB connection Audacity does not seem to be receiving any signal, thusly not recording.
Any ideas? Am I missing a driver?

Personally, I have not had good luck recording with bluetooth microphones.

Start Audacity after setting up your USB connection. Otherwise, do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices. Also, check Windows microphone permissions - can you record using your machine’s internal microphone? Sometimes changing the Host (MME, DirectSound, WASAPI) or rebooting the machine can help.