Windows Vista Audacity 2.1.2 - Recording Level and Playback


I need help, Can someone explain when i record vinyl that the RECORDING slider and PLAYBACK slider both affect the recording volume level of my vinyl recording

example if i turn down the slider on RECORD the volume on the WAV file goes down
If I turn down the slider on the PLAYBACK the Volume on the WAV file goes down

Setup is Audio Technica lp120
Using RCA from Turntable plugged into my LINE IN input on my computer
audacity is MME , Stereo Mix (Realtek High Def) , 2 Stereo Recording , Speaker (Realtek High)

anyone no why the playback slider affects the recording level when vinyl ripping


You should not be recording Stereo-Mix. Stereo-Mix is also called “everything playing on the computer.” If you were paying attention, you might also notice that in addition to the record, you could also hear the dogs barking next door and the refrigerator noises if you have a built-in microphone.

Many computers don’t have blue Stereo Line-In, but if yours actually does, then you should be recording from that exact soundcard connection and not Stereo Mix. Pink or red Mic-In doesn’t count. That’s a special purpose connection for a microphone or headset.

I’m not a Windows elf. See if there’s anything in these tutorials that can help.