Windows to MacBook OS X 10.8.5

Hey there,

I had Audacity on my Windows laptop and had .aup files saved. Now I have a macbook and I’m trying to find a way to get Audacity to read the old files? I no longer have the laptop so I’m unable to go back and convert them to another format.
Is there any way Audacity will open the files? Or is there another program that could?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you try it? I think the idea is the files should open cross-platform. If you split the program versions too far you may run into problems.


Just a note, many people have fuzzy ideas of that Projects are. I hope you don’t have a whole pile of AUP files?

A project is an AUP project manager file which tells Audacity what to do with all that stuff in the similarly named _DATA folder. You need both and they have to be in the same directory or folder to open.

The new machine needs to be larger and more powerful than the old one. Audacity likes to spread out when it opens Projects and suddenly encountering a tiny hard drive is a problem.


Yep my laptop was just a 60gb hp, I now have a 500gb MacBook. When I try to open the file or the data folder it just says that audacity can’t open the file. The version I had on my laptop was installed around 2008 so that may be the problem. I had a little bit of a search for previous versions to download but I haven’t found any yet

What happens when you double click one of the AUP files?

If the project files were saved by Audacity 1.2.x you can probably open them in Audacity 2.x.x versions (if you have the projects’ _data folders). But we advise you to make a backup copy of the project’s .aup file and _data folder to a new folder before opening the project in Audacity 2.x.x. This is because once you save the project in 2.x.x, it cannot be opened again in 1.2.x.

Is that what the message says, more or less?

If you need to, you can get old versions of Audacity from Open the old projects in the old version of Audacity and export as WAV. Then you can import the WAV files into Audacity 2.x.x and save a new project.