Windows Sound Recording

Modern Windows machines have Audio Enhancements which apply changes to incoming sound to make voice communications (Skype, etc) more reliable. It’s on by default, but the operator can turn it off.

Word has it that Windows Updates, which happen in the background and can’t be defeated, can restore Enhancements. It is understood that some (all??) Windows Updates restart the computer.

If you’re goal is to record top quality, unprocessed sound (audiobooks, etc) uninterrupted, Windows machines are, to use a delightful British phrase, “Unsuitable For Purpose.”


I wrote a two-pager under influence of Starbucks of all the other things that can go wrong with Windows (and some other) machines. I’ll probably clean it up a little and post it on KozCo. I want to index it somehow so it will be possible to send people to a specific section.

– Never put slashmarks in a filename.
– Close Zoom before you start recording.
– Beware Windows Updates.


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