Windows sees MIDI controller in Device Manager but not Sound

I just got Audacity 2.4.2 up and running on my Vivobook. First time user.

I can successfully open/import audio files and play them back, edit, etc.

I cannot get Audacity to see my M-Audio O2 MIDI controller as a recording option. My laptop chimes in acknowledgment when I plug it in, and has installed the appropriate driver. I have a MIDI monitoring utility that shows data coming in when I hit keys on the keyboard. The Device Manager for Windows shows the O2 under Sound, Video and Game Controllers. Windows does not, however, show the O2 under Input Devices-- only Stereo Mix and Microphone (both Realtek.)

Similarly, in Audacity itself, the pulldown recording device/input list shows Microsoft Sound Mapper, Stereo Mix and Microphone.

I have gone through the FAQs, wiki, tips etc to the best of my ability and cannot see how to solve this. Any advice would be appreciated.

Audacity is not a MIDI application (it does have some [u]very limited MIDI capabilities[/u]).

You can get your MIDI controller to play the MIDI software on your computer and then make Audacity record “Music Playing on the Computer.” It’s a cousin to the settings you need to record YouTube music.

MIDI doesn’t make sound. It makes commands so other things can make sound. It’s your job to record the other things. Most computers know how to turn MIDI into music.


Thank you very much!

I will start digging through all of this.