Windows says files too big

Am runing the 2.05version. Have no issues till I try to burn to cd. rRcorded in stero . Widows burner says I have 30 min of space left. I try to burn about 40 minutes total ----it stops 3/4 to finish and says it had to stop–not enough room on cd. says I may need to clean disc or adjust speed. Have no ides —help–help thanx

If you’re making an Audio CD – like for your mum’s car, you get 78 minutes. How long is the whole show?

If the show is shorter than that, then you should reduce the Burn Speed. It’s rare for ‘Burn Maximum’ to produce the best disks. You can also look for things like bad blanks, scratches or fingerprints on the data side before you burn.

If you’re trying to burn a Data CD, then you have to pay attention to the 700MB data maximum (probably a little less).


am buring 40 minutes. Tried it 2 times on diff. cd’s—same results------how do you change the burn speed—. than jdb I think that was what the error message was refering to

If the default fast burn speed takes data faster than the computer can provide it, then the burn will fail and it may give you any of a number of different error messages depending on what part of the process was running at the exact instant that the burn crashed. Buffer Under-Run used to be a famous error. “Sorry, we’re temporarily out of data. Tune in again in about 500 milliseconds and we may have more.” [- crash -]

The Burn Speed is usually in a preference somewhere, or it might be in a side clicky in the burn dialogs. If there are no burn dialogs, then you might need to use the Windows Media or other software product to burn disks. I went nuts with this very early on and the forum helpers kept telling me to change settings I just didn’t have. Turns out I had the “free” version of the software and the Money-Based version was a fully formed product, had all the adjustments and produced perfect disks. I think it still does.

Maximum Burn Speed is a bad thing for other reasons. All you need is a slightly off-center (cheap) disk and the burner will start vibrating and produce a completely unplayable disk. But it will do it really fast – so there is that.

I can’t tell you where to go from here. I’m not a Windows elf.