Windows Insider Preview

Audacity 2.1.3-alpha-Jun 22 2016 does not start at all on Windows 10 Pro 64b Insider Preview Build 14367.
Audacity 2.1.3-alpha-Jun 21 2016 starts!
Starting Audacity.exe without any installing after unpacking from zip.
Audacity 2.1.3-alpha-Jun 21 2016 runs on the official release of Windows 10 like a charm. Didn’t try the Jun 22 build yet.

Tried it out in the meantime: Audacity 2.1.3-alpha-Jun 22 2016 starts without problems on the official Windows 10 Pro 64b release.
I did report the problem with the insider release, as this might occur on a future official release of Windows. And by the way, it doesn’t start on the new build 14371 neither.

Does “64b” mean 64-bit?

Does it make any difference if you run 2.1.3-alpha-Jun 21 2016 before 2.1.3-alpha-Jun 22 2016?

If 2.1.3-alpha-Jun 21 2016 is already running when you launch 2.1.3-alpha-Jun 22 2016, does that action switch window back to 2.1.3-alpha-Jun 21 2016?


Yes, 64b means 64-bit (sorry about the shortcut).
Jun 22 version does not start, even when running Jun 21 before - and even when Jun 21 is still running. All it does is keeping the cursor busy for about a second.
All these problems occur on the mentioned Windows 10 insider releases, not on the official Windows 10 release (so far).

Perhaps you could keep us posted. The only thing that immediately concerns us is the Windows 10 build that will be released as the “Anniversary Update” in July.


This is my understanding as well.
Just to recapitulate the behavior of the different audacity 2.1.3 alpha releases on the newest Windows Insider Preview (currently build 14371):
…21-jun… starts normally
…22-jun… does not start
…23-jun… does not start

My next post as soon as there is a change. I’ll keep up to date with test of new Windows previews and audacity alpha releases.

Would be great to see a post from somebody else to verify its not just a problem of my Windows Insider Preview test system.

Update on audacity alpha releases with Windows insider build 14379:
…29-jun… starts normally
…01-jul… does not start!
See previous post for details.

audacity-win-r21239d1-2.1.3-alpha-01-jul-16 - starts an runs absolutely fine on my W10 64-bit Toshiba Satellite laptop (as have all previous 2.1.3 alpha builds).


Given that amount of variance, there could be some reason specific to your system. See if there is anything here


Thanks for the info. Couldn’t identify the problem yet, but as vaxcylinder does not have it, it seems to be specific to my system. This doesn’t explain, why some alpha builds always start normally and others always crash immediately. To me its not an issue, as my testing system is affected only. If ever I’ll find out, I’ll report the solution, but I won’t be working hard on it.

If I know waxcylinder, he won’t be using Insider Preview.


On Windows 10 insider preview 14383 all audacity alpha releases I have (quite e few) start normally on my system. As far as I’m aware of I didn’t change anything else related to audacity. Sorry about creating any confusion. See previous post about details. I assume this closed the discussion.

Thanks. Let’s hope they use build 14383 for the “Anniversary release” then.