Windows folder view on saving/export/import

Hi guys, I really love using Audacity for quick adjustments of sound files for my game development project.

The one (and only) big hassle I face every time though, is that the folder/path view is a forced dropdown only.
Other programs let you freely type in a folder path.

As I work in a lot of different folders, I love to just copy and paste the folder path into the software, where I need to save/export/import something.

In Audacity this has never been possible and instead I need to click through the folder structures every time. Costing me 10-15 seconds. While copy&pasting is done in ~2 seconds.

To make it short, I would be significantly more productive if I could paste in the folder path, where I want to export/save to.

Keep up the good work!

I assume that this is on Windows?

On Linux I can do either.
Have you tried pasting in a full “file path + file name” to see if it will accept it?

hey Steve,

that is a nice tip. Didn’t know that you could paste the “file path” before the “file name” you edit during export.

That will do for me!

It’s on Windows 10, yeah.
The drop down field on top doesn’t except editing, or pasting the file path in there. This is something I see in nearly all my other programs working (Microsoft Word, Photoshop, VLC, etc. you name it) , only Audacity does not. In fact, I can’t even think of another software which behaves like Audacity right now. It’s quite uncommon.

Your workaround is fine though, thanks!