Windows audio host effects on playback and export?

Audacity can use any of three Windows audio hosts – MME, WindowsDirect, and WASAPI. Questions: (1) Does the host in effect when recording a project (or track within it) determine the host required to play back that project or track? E.g., if I record with WASAPI, must I play back with WASAPI or can I use any host for playback within Audacity? (2) How, if at all, does the host used for recording affect the characteristics of an exported mp3 or wav file? (3) If any of this depends on the Audacity version used for recording, playback, or export, how so?

It’s not related to rendering, only recording & playback.

It’s related to how the hardware & drivers communicate with applications and Windows.

Audacity can (obviously) use any of the 3. But it doesn’t support ASIO.

Here is a link I saved which may, or may not, be interesting…

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