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Hello I am running audacity 2.05 on a windows 8 PC. According to support pages It supports windows 8 but I am running into issues where when I go to save a recording it errors out and does not record…

This would not be a big issue but they are live events. Are there any known or common issues with window and and audacity?


You smooched over three different things.

You can’t record? You press Record and nothing happens?
You can’t Save an Audacity Project?
You can’t Export a stand-alone sound file?


This would not be a big issue but they are live events. Are there any known or common issues with window and and Audacity?

Audacity is quite stable but computers are the least reliable things we own!!!

It’s not so much that the hardware, operating system, or applications are unreliable, but with all the user-configuration options and interaction between different programs… Do you ever go a year without some kind of “computer problem”? Other stuff is much more reliable… A microphone can last a lifetime. A guitar amplifier might go for 10 or 15 years with no major problems. (A guitar player will usually carry an extra cable and extra strings.)

If you are going to record live events where there’s no possibility of “take two”, and it’s critical that you “capture” the event, here are my basic recommendations:

1. Be familiar with your hardware & software.
2. Use a dedicated audio computer. Make a short test recording with the set-up before the performance starts. Don’t run games, Skype, or other applications and don’t surf the Net “during the day”. And of course, don’t run any other applications while recording! Or, use a solid-state recorder instead of a computer.
3. Run a back-up recorder in parallel. It doesn’t have to be a computer… It can be a cassette recorder, or a VHS recorder, etc. (VHS “Hi-Fi” is nearly digital quality.)

Additional suggestions:
If you are not using a laptop, an uninterruptible power supply is a good idea. And, when you’re done recording, save your project AND render to WAV immediately. And, you might want to copy that WAV to a thumb drive.

If you mean that you press Record and see “Error opening sound device”, see FAQ:Errors - Audacity Manual .


It records fine, just when I go to hit save at the end is when I get the error

Then please tell us exactly which menu item you use. Is it File > Export or File > Save Project?

Then tell us exactly what name you type for the exported file or for the project and the exact words on the error that appears.

If you are exporting (like to WAV or MP3) and you are putting dots in the file name, don’t. Or you can include the dots, but add another dot and the file extension at the end.

Typing this for an exported file will not work:

Typing this will work


or this will work:

See Why does Audacity warn about the name or nothing happens when I export or save? .