Windows 8.1 - Tascam DP-02

Just recorded 5 tracks on the mixer & made a master, hooked it to the computer and imported it, the whole song came in. Is there a way I can bring in all the track instead of just the complete song. I know I can do most of the mixing on the mixer, just wondering. I was going to save the song in Audacity and it told me I couldn’t because it was in a different location. When I imported it I did it as a copy, would it save it if I imported it differently? Thanks - John

& made a master,

It sounds like you imported the already-mixed master instead of the individual tracks.

You can’t “un-mix” a recording, but as long as the original unmixed tracks remain on the recorder you should be able to transfer the individual track files to your computer and then open them in Audacity (or the software of your choice) for editing & mixing.

I don’t know anything about the DP-02, but I found the manual online, and on page 45:

Importing an exporting tracks

You can import and export individual tracks to and from a PC via the FAT partition. The files used for track import and export are16-bit 44.1kHz mono WAV format…

Audacity can mix-down a multi-track recording to stereo, but I’ve never done it.

If you want to do “serious” mixing, you should probably get a DAW (digital audio workstation) such as REAPER, Cubase, etc., instead of an audio editor like Audacity. The downside to a DAW is that they are a LOT more complex and have a much longer learning curve than an audio editor.