Windows 8.1 Problems

I’ve been having problems with the newest version of Audacity. I click on any file that I have set to open by default on Audacity, and Audacity opens without the file, and I have to drag and drop the song into Audacity. But it gets worse, I sometimes click on any file (to do with Audacity) and it opens like it’s the first time I’ve used Audacity, with the “Welcome to Audacity 2.xx” popup, and all my preferences are reset. This is a major pain, as I’m trying to digitize my vinyl record and cassette collection.

If you really see “Welcome to Audacity 2.xx” then you have a bogus version of Audacity that may be harming your computer. We don’t recognise the behaviour you mention.

I recommending uninstalling the Audacity version you have, doing a deep anti-virus check (full scan) then downloading the Audacity 2.1.1 installer (EXE) from us at Halfway through the installation, check (tick) the box that says “Reset Preferences”.

When you launch Audacity, confirm you want to reset preferences.


I put Audacity 2.xx because I wasn’t sure what version I had (whether it was 2.0.6 or 2.1.1), so I put xx. I downloaded it from the Audacity website and it is version 2.1.1. Sorry for the confusion.

Even if you have 2.1.1 from us, I recommend doing exactly the same. Reinstall 2.1.1 with “Reset Preferences” enabled. Do the deep anti-virus check.

If you have really created an association with, say, WAV or MP3 to open in Audacity, then double-clicking the WAV or MP3 will launch Audacity and import that file, or if Audacity is already open, will import that file into a new Audacity window.

Another possibility is that an anti-virus app is actually creating the problem. If for example it deletes your settings files than Audacity will go back to its factory settings every time you restart it. What anti-virus application do you have? It may have a setting to exclude applications from real-time monitoring. If so you can tell it to stop monitoring Audacity, if that is the only way to stop the problem.


I have McAfee Antivirus. I reinstalled and reset the preferences and now, Audacity works perfectly.

OK, that is good.

Be aware there is a chance that if McAfee is monitoring Audacity in real time, you could make a change in Audacity settings and the change would not persist next time you launched Audacity. We know about that and are working on it, but if it happens, McAfee monitoring of Audacity is probably causing it.